Cost Management Services

Director: Euan Pollock

PlanB controls your costs from a project’s inception to completion, minimizing your risk and maximizing value on the dollar. We accomplish this using our team of experts who apply strategic thinking, provide accountability, and who convey clear and concise communication to our clients and other stakeholders.

We provide each client with a prioritized and customized service menu, which enables leadership to make informed decisions at every stage of the project.


We help our clients predict the likely cost of their project to enable informed decision-making and set a budget. With a defined scope, we deliver a Basis of Estimate which describes the assumptions, inclusions, exclusions, and other aspects which were used to generate the total project cost.


Quantity Surveying

Our QS experts are here to help ensure that construction costs and production are managed as efficiently as possible for keeping your project on time and on budget.  They have deep construction industry knowledge to provide more accurate, systematic cost planning and management services that cover procurement, contractual and project cost management throughout the entire life cycle of a project.


Project Controls



Our schedulers understand that time is money and assist our clients in finding the best road map for efficient and timely deliveries to bring your project to its successful completion. Our ability to absorb each component of the work that needs to be completed, logistics, how each task may be tied to another, construct-ability issues and more informs this ongoing tool which can be used effectively to understand performance to date and make accurate projections for work still to come.


Construction Claims

No one wants to see a project end up in a dispute but when one of yours does, PlanB’s professionals can provide the support you need when mediation or arbitration are required.


Construction Monitoring

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