Environmental Consulting Services

Director: John Burns

Located on the island of Oahu, PlanB’s Environmental Consulting and Science Services offer innovative solutions for the needs of our clients. Our team utilizes a variety of advanced technologies to obtain accurate and reliable results. We perform all environmental monitoring tasks for federal and state reporting requirements. This includes environmental impact statements (EIS), national pollutant and discharge elimination system (NPDES) reporting, remediation and others. Furthermore, PlanB Environmental can disseminate and visualize an array of data types in multiple formats, including GIS and Web-based platforms. We accommodate a wide range of monitoring and data needs, and are always willing to work directly with the client to ensure a desirable outcome.

Benthic Monitoring

We conduct a suite of monitoring techniques to assess the community composition of an array of benthic habitats in both marine and freshwater systems. We utilize both conventional and cutting-edge 3D methods to survey and characterize benthic habitats for various monitoring and research approaches.


Data Visualization

We utilize interactive and immersive online data visualization tools to provide clients with new and exciting methods for visualizing their data. These tools help to rapidly detect patterns in the data, perform time-series analysis, and easily share important findings via online networks.


Ecology and Taxonomy

Our team includes ecological and taxonomical experts capable of identifying and enumerating biological organisms from multiple habitats. This work is critical for assessing environmental impacts to both macrofauna and microfauna.


Habitat Mapping

We provide both 2D and 3D high-resolution spatial mapping for terrestrial and marine environments. The resulting maps can be used to accurately characterize the environments as well as quantify 2D and 3D metrics for features of interest.



Our team includes experts capable of using histological techniques to study of the microscopic anatomy of cells and tissues of plants and animals. This work is critical for assessing suspected impacts to biological organisms.


Marine Disease Assessments

We offer comprehensive monitoring of diseases in marine environments affecting both sessile and mobile organisms. Our team can perform a range of biological and ecological surveys and analyses to track and monitor disease outbreaks.


Mathematical Modeling

Our team can perform complex multivariate statistical analyses to create both explanatory and predictive models for data collected from any system.


Water/Soil/Air Quality Analysis & Monitoring

We offer a full range of analytical services including organic, inorganic and general chemistry analyses for soil, water and air. These approaches can be used to test for any form of contaminants as well as to ensure compliance for State and Federal regulations.

Case Studies:

“It has been a pleasure working with PlanB Consultancy over the past two years. Their understanding of environmental monitoring requirements, chemical analysis methods, and access to laboratories and specialized equipment has proven invaluable.”

– Blue Ocean Mariculture

“What I most appreciate though is your customer service, friendliness and adaptability. Any time I have had a question, it has been answered promptly and always with a congenial attitude. PlanB really has become a partner in so much of the work that we do.”

– Jessisca Lowell, Research Manager