Integrated Services

PlanB’s Integrated Services team combines a unique set of skills and perspectives to deliver high-value consulting services to clients in a variety of industries. We make your success our business with a three step approach:

  • Adapt – Everything we do begins with the question of why? We believe in taking the time to understand your organization before offering solutions.
  • Align – We have found that the best way to deliver successful outcomes is to carefully build buy-in and align a course of action with strategic objectives. We develop custom solutions that are supported throughout an organization in order to build momentum and make real progress.
  • Empower – Ultimately, we feel that our success is measured by your success. We empower your organization to implement solutions and work to build confidence within your organization through collaboration in order to ensure your team has the tools and information needed to make informed decisions.

Asset & Facilities Management

Asset management is the way in which your organization creates, acquires, operates, maintains, and disposes of the assets that are critical to your business operations. PlanB takes a strategic approach to asset management by identifying the tools, data, and processes necessary for your organization to manage assets in a way that supports and achieves your strategic goals and objectives.


Commissioning / Retro Commissioning

PlanB’s commissioning experts ensure critical systems, equipment, and facilities are designed, built, tested and operated according to your standards.


Energy Audits


Facility Condition Assessments

PlanB’s team of professional building surveyors are trained to provide quick and efficient data collection regarding the overall condition of your facilities. PlanB’s mobile and web-based data collection tool otto allows us to collect data efficiently while preparing professional and comprehensive reports of facility condition ratings to inform future maintenance and recapitalization decisions.


Operations & Maintenance

Now more than ever is it essential to operate and maintain assets in a way that maximizes return on capital investment, prioritizes efficiency, and considers strategic goals and objectives. PlanB can help your organization identify, plan and implement key maintenance and operations activities by giving you the tools and data to make informed decisions.

Case Studies:

“It has been a pleasure working with PlanB Consultancy over the past two years. Their understanding of environmental monitoring requirements, chemical analysis methods, and access to laboratories and specialized equipment has proven invaluable.”

Blue Ocean Mariculture

“What I most appreciate though is your customer service, friendliness and adaptability. Any time I have had a question, it has been answered promptly and always with a congenial attitude. PlanB really has become a partner in so much of the work that we do.”

Jennica Lowell, Research Manager